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Rise and Shine ra mắt vào ngày 13/1/12017 trên  Xbox One và PC,  được phát triển bởi SuperMega Team và nhà xuất bản là Adult Swim.
Chào mừng đến với Gamearth, một hành tinh hòa bình  bây giờ đang bị đe dọa bởi warmongering grunts Space của Nexgen. Sau cuộc tấn công đầu tiên tàn phá hành tinh, một đứa trẻ tên là Rise buộc phải  sacred gun Shine và quyết định số phận thế giới của mình. Không hack não người chơi như nhiều game khác theo kiểu “tay nhanh hơn não” nhưng Rise and Shine lại khiến người chơi phải nóng người khi nhịp độ game quá nhanh, và hệ thống nhiệm vụ giải đó unlock màn chơi quá kịch tính, đây cũng là một điểm khác biệt vô cùng lớn giữa Rise and Shine với nhiều thể loại game bắn súng giải trí khác trên thị trường.
Rise and Shine
Rise and Shine is a game which has combined arcade shooter and puzzle platformers in order to create a combination of viscera and strategy. You need to to solve the puzzles which will redefine what bullets can do. there are many intricate mazes where you need to discover new paths. Rise and Shine is not as easy as it looks like plus the model depcted in the game is though very cute but she is very dangerous. There are hordes of unseen traps which you have to tackle with. Each of the levels in this game is a piece of art with hand drawn illustrations.
Rise and Shine
Shoot Fast, Think Faster
Rise and Shine is a true “think and gun” that combines elements of arcade shooters, bullet hells, and puzzle platformers to create a new blend of strategy and viscera. Switch between Shine’s add-ons to solve puzzles that redefine what bullets can do. Guide projectiles through intricate mazes, electrify damaged equipment to discover new pathways, and juggle 8-bit fruit because why not?
This is NOT another run’n’gun clone at all. This is something different and fresh.
Rise and Shine
Get Ready to Respawn
Don’t let the cute character models fool you, saving Gamearth won’t be easy. Prepare to dash flurries of missiles and avoid unseen traps as you fight to prevent its destruction. It’s going to take all you’ve got to stay alive in the face of lethal robot armadas, enormous bosses, giant death wheels, and (of course) brainthirsty zombies. You’re not gettin’ through this in one piece, kiddo.
Rise and Shine
Next Level Detail
Enter a world where every level is a single, continuous work of art. Each level is composed of hand drawn illustrations with multiple parallax scroll layers so every forward step is new; no tiling or repeated elements. This meticulous attention to detail allows each frame to flow seamlessly from one to the next, a quality you’ll wish you had on your 20th respawn.
Rise and Shine

System Requirements Of Rise and Shine

– Tested on Windows 7 64-Bit
– Operating System : Windows 7/8/8.1/10
– CPU: 2.4GHz Intel Dual Core processor or later.
– RAM: 2GB
– Setup Size: 1GB
– Hard Disk Space: 4GB

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