Course React Hooks Video Player 2020

Dưới đây là series hướng dẫn lập trình video player dùng react hooks với styled components. Nguồn từ Udemy.

What will we do in the course?

We’ll build a React js Video Player where you can create a list of videos and select from the list. The Video Player can play both YouTube and Vimeo videos and will also persist state in local storage of played videos etc.

Yêu cầu bạn đã biết:

  • Basic Javascript knowledge
  • Basic Coding knowledge
  • Basic CSS knowledge

Khóa học áp dụng các công nghệ để tạo React js Video Player:

  • React Hooks in stateless functional components
  • Styled Components
  • ES6 Syntax
  • Higher Order Components
  • React Router
  • Local Storage to persist state